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deadliestofsins's Journal

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Character: Envy
Series: FullMetal Alchemist
Version: Manga, middle of Volume 13
Age: Unknown
Gender: Unknown Male
Sexuality: He could give less of a damn about stupid humans and their mating preferences, thank you.

Appearance: Envy’s appearance varies, as is often the case for a shape shifter. The form he prefers above all others and most often takes is that of an attractive young human male. This form stands just under six feet tall, with pale skin and crimson eyes. Black hair falling to his thighs is in dreadlocks, pulled back from his face in a black headband. The thin toeless black coverings on his feet do more for his style than they do for protection, but what does he care? He can heal all the damage done anyway. A black skintight midriff tank and black tunic/shorts combination are his only other clothes. A red tattoo of the Ouroboros – the snake eating its tail, symbolizing eternity, and the mark of the homunculus – is emblazoned on the outside of his left thigh.

Personality: Envy is self-centered, vain, proud, and very cruel. While he will obey orders from those higher up in his organization, he does so with reluctance if the benefits towards him aren’t readily apparent. As a shape shifter, he can change appearance at will, and with that power came an incredible vanity. The first person to suggest he’s less than beautiful gets a very powerful kick to the face. Also, the raw physical power granted him as a homunculus gave him a terrible sense of pride. He believes he cannot be defeated and becomes enraged when proven wrong in this assumption or patronized by anybody he considers to be a lesser being (which is pretty much everybody excepting his creator).

Envy lacks anything resembling morals. He understands the morals and psyche of humans and will manipulate it to his advantage, but he has no inhibitions about anything that would make a normal human recoil in horror – mass murder, for example. So long as the ends benefit him, they justify the means.

Abilities/Weaponry: Envy’s one great ability is his shape shifting. He can take any form he can envision, laws of conservation of matter be damned. This ability can be overall (taking the form of a horse, for example) or localized (turning his hand into a snake).

As a homunculus, he is virtually immortal. With a Philosopher’s Stone as his core, every one of the hundreds of lives in that stone is his life. He can be killed so many times that he runs out of lives, but that would take quite a while, and in the meantime he’s a formidable foe.

Envy specializes in hand-to-hand combat and carries no weapons. He doesn’t really need to – his entire body is a weapon.

Weaknesses: Envy has few physical weaknesses. He can be hurt, but he heals quickly thanks to his physical makeup and the Philosopher’s Stone at his core. He also can be killed so much he runs out of the numerous lives within him, but not even he knows what that number is, only that it’s pretty high.

Most of his weaknesses tend to be in his personality. He can be outsmarted, is easily angered when he is proven wrong or patronized (especially by somebody he considers to be beneath him) or when his vanity is insulted, and sometimes just doesn’t know when to give up.

History: Much of Envy’s history is unknown. Society at large doesn’t even know he exists, let alone who created him (and he’s not about to tell you, either, so don’t bother asking). His first appearance (that Ed knows of, at least) was in the Eastern part of the continent, in a country called Ishbal. With tension between the Amestrian military and Ishbalan civilians already running high, Envy disguised himself as an Amestrian soldier and shot and killed an Ishbalan child, triggering a civil war that would destroy the country of Ishbal completely and leave all surviving Ishbalans as refugees.

Cut nearly ten years later. The homunculus are focused on Edward and Alphonse Elric as potential human sacrifices, people who could carry out the plans of their creator. After several very violent run-ins, Ed, Envy, and Lin, a prince from the neighboring country of Qing, end up in the stomach of Gluttony, another homunculus created to act as a Gate of Truth – a failed experiment. Ed manages to find a way out, but needs both Envy’s and Lin’s help and trust. After reluctantly stepping through the gate Ed opened, Envy found himself outside of Paixao and completely enraged at having been tricked in such a manner.

Since Arrival in Paixao: Envy has not been a very happy camper in Paixao. He disguised himself as one of the ubiquitous white animals (in his case, a cat) that inhabit the city and tried to find Ed. He found him, all right, and then nearly had his cover blown by somebody calling himself Pride - another homonculus, or so he claimed, but it certainly wasn't the Pride Envy knew. He ran and was followed by Pride, and after a bit of discussion with him, he's trying to get rid of "the creepy kid" whom he's still not convinced is really a homonculus.

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This may change if somebody can sway him. Good luck, all~

This is an RP journal for paixaorpg played by yamikonumber7. Envy and Fullmetal Alchemist belong to Hiromu Arakawa. All events in this journal are fictional and bear no intentional resemblance to the original material or real life events. Covered everything? ^^